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Vector Geospatial incorporates both Geospatial services with IT solutions. We bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world in relation to your business. Enabling you to become more productive as you move forward in a technology-driven world. Our IT services help your company to establish and maintain a presence on the Internet. Through web services we create a web site to garner high results on search engines, thereby drawing more customers to you. Our testing services help you to determine the effectiveness of your Internet strategy. Ecommerce solutions help to set up virtual stores for selling your goods and services to a global audience over the Internet. Sharing documents between business becomes easier with Microsoft SharePoint server solutions. Every company exists in the real world and Vector's geospatial services help to show where you stand in it. Our services include geographic information system data migration and conversion to allow for improved manipulation of the data and utility GIS showing the location of water, storm water and electrical lines.
Country: United States